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Guide 2015-2016

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Once you've had a look, booked your tickets, you are now ready to discover Colombia. Buy your own guide Colombia Fácil guide for only 5.000 cop (price 3rd edition), add your own notes to it, make it personal and take Colombia Fácil home as a souvenir of your trip! With your hard copy of the guide you can get discounts on public transport (+ others) and free beers simply by checking in at some of the participating partners who are in the guide!

Don’t forget to show your paper copy of Colombia Fácil when you check in. Only 1 guide per person. Boxes full of guides will only be exchanged for crates of beer in your wildest dreams!

Be aware: Colombia Fácil is NOT a bible! We carefully check all accommodations and destinations ourselves but personal opinions can vary (which is a good & healthy thing). The best is to check it for yourself and see if you agree!

The prices in the guide are always in Colombian pesos & in thousand pesos! (cop). Prices in $ = U.S. Dollars! 

* = breakfast is included
pp = price per person
pn = price per night
pr = price room
pp/n = price per person per night
pr/n = price room per night
pc/n = price per cabaña per night
p/tr = price per transport
pt/n = price per tour per night
pp/t = price per person per tour
pp/3d = price per person per 3 days, 2 nights
pp/4d = price per person 4 days, 3 nights
L = left  
R = right   
Hr = hour
Min = minutes
Pers = persons

PNN = National Natural Park
Cop = Colombian Pesos

dorm = A shared room (most of the time bunk beds) and shared bathroom.
twin = double room, 2 seperate beds
doble = double room, 1 bed (couple)
triple = rooms, 3 beds
quad = room, 4 beds
MotoT = mototaxi (= motorcycle)
B = bus
T = taxi
N = night
D = day
CF = Colombia Fácil


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