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Surrender to the forest, take a breath and witness the unique and wonderful symphony of mother nature! In the forest’s reflection you can see the spirit of the water. This special place far from the rest of the world, will show you some AMAZING PURE JUNGLE! Swim in the Amazon river amongst the pink and grey dolphins (don’t worry about piranhas if locals say it's alright!), learn to make indigenous handicrafts, let a tarantula walk over your hand, adventure on some night trekking, stay overnight in the tropical jungle or in a wide open maloka, fly 48m (157ft) high between trees with canopying, learn about the traditional use of coca leaves and indigenous culture. If you are lucky you might even see a jaguar!

Be aware: Parque Nacional Natural Amacayacu is still CLOSED, since some years already...!                                          


Leticia: daily around 5.30 AM and 5.30 PM you can see thousands and thousands of parakeets “periquito aliblanco” (los loros) and swallows coming from the jungle to sleep in the Santander park (Parque de los Loros) and in the morning to leave again. A BEAUTIFUL and EXTRAORDINARY spectacle of nature!

From Leticia: sunset in La Comara. Enjoy the view over the Amazon. You can even drink a caipirinha here! MotoT = 15/hr + extra for gasoline.

Visit La Isla de los Micos (Monkey Island) where you can see hundreds of monkeys (from Leticia = 30min)

A little further you can visit San Martín de Amacayacu: typical indigenous village, learn about their communities culture, one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have! More at Casa Gregorio.

And further again you can reach Puerto Nariño: small peaceful village right on the bank of the Amazon river. Because of the absence of vehicles there´s an ethereal quietness. From Leticia: boat = 30pp (8am, 10am, 1:30pm). Return 7:30am, 11am, 3:30pm (but you better check and buy in advance).

See the giant trees, called Lupuna which can grow to the extraordinary height of 70m (230ft) and a width of 10m (33ft). There are many myths/legends about the lupuna trunk, where the tree spirit lives. The Lupuna spirit is a protector of the rainforest.

Try to see the Victoria Amazónica, which is similar to a water lily and has huge strong leaves sturdy enough to hold a child (don’t try this please!).

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Omshanty and Casa Gregorio

Only direct flights from Bogotá = 2hrs. Information about border crossing Brazil - Peru.

-PNN Amacayacu is still CLOSED! The only legal place to stay in the park is San Martín de Amacayacu like in Casa Gregorio.
-Environmental tax = 30pp @arrival airport!
-Money: In Amazonas there are ONLY cash machines in Leticia! Have also always plenty of small cash!
-Vaccination against yellow fever is obligatory.
-Try a yummy Copuazu juice which is a typical Amazon fruit.