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Antioquia, Andean central

Around Medellín

Mi Casa Guatape Hostel

A colorful, friendly, cute little typical paisa town in lush hills surrounded by a unique labyrinth lake. Visit & climb to the top of Piedra El Peñol, a 200m (656ft) high rock (12pp). Hike, zip line (Tue-Sun 10pp), go on a boat tour, try a Postre del Pueblo (facing the water then go R @the wave statue), play pool with the locals or just walk around the cobblestone streets.

How2getthere: Medellín = 2hrs, 12pp. Intl. Airport Medellín-Guatape: T = ±1hr15, 90/tr or 20/2xB till Guatapé village or Piedra Peñol. Note: if you’d like to go directly to the entrance of the Piedra El Peñol, tell the driver you want to go to Piedra El Peñol & not to the village El Peñol -  they are 2 different things & 20min from each other. From here to Río Claro: grab a B on the street in Guatapé to Marinilla = ±1hr, 4pp (every 30min). From here take a B on the street to Río Claro = ±1hr45, 19pp.

Rio Claro Nature Reserve

Experience nature in all its beauty where you can enjoy sleeping in open planned dwellings! The name says it all, this river positively sparkles on non-rainy days. Crystal clear water allows many activities, hence you will not get bored easily. The river has been voted the most beautiful in Colombia surrounded by very green, lush hills, carved rocks, waterfalls & captivating rainforest! This beautiful private nature reserve, between Medellin & Bogotá, is a highly recommended getaway from city noise. Activities such as kayaking, rafting level 1, canopying, bird watching, snorkeling & espeleologia (explore the cave known as Cueva de los Guácharos: TIP: Don’t take your camera & don’t wear flip-flops & don’t forget your headlamp! You are going to get wet!).

How2getthere: In Medellín take the B @Terminal del Norte. Medellín = 3hrs, ±20-39pp. Bogotá = 6hrs, ±35-40pp. B Rio Claro-Doradal = 20min, 5pp. Doradal-Honda = 2,5hrs, 15pp. Honda-Manizales = 4hrs, 25pp. Honda-Pereira = 5hrs, 30pp. Manizales-Pereira = 1hr, 11pp. Pereira-Salento = 1hr, 6pp.

Listed as 1 of the most beautiful municipalities of Colombia, declared a National Monument in 1985 & Cultural Heritage in 2012. It is known for preserving its typical architecture, which is an attraction in itself. It has a large, colorful square, a semi-gothic style church stands out for its beauty & a lot of glorious white, yellow & pink colored trees (Guayacanes). One of its typical modes of transport is the chiva (= traditional decorated bus with typical designs). There is la Garrucha (a cable car ride = 5min ride, 5pp); Cueva del Esplendor (TIP: leave ±6am. Entrance = 6pp); ... Visit Chorro Blanco, Salto del Angel, a coffee farm or Trapiche (panela factory). Try Dulces de Jardin (jams & sweets like the Cremoso de Gualupe), visit a trout farm or go paragliding. Cheap accommodation in town. Nice typical towns nearby are Jericó (±3hrs), Bolívar (±2,5hrs) or Támesis.

How2getthere: Medellín (south terminal) B = 3,5hrs, 18pp. Río Claro = 6,5hrs, 37-48pp.

Golden Elephant Hostel 


A charming & SAFE little hidden town surrounded by lovely hills & not far from Medellín. Enjoy the friendly locals, natural pools, waterfalls, lovely nature walks & activities like tubing (10pp + transport ±13/2-6pers or walk 45min), fishing & horse riding (= 10-15pp/hr). Perfect for relaxing!

How2getthere: Medellín (Terminal del Norte) = 3hrs, 15pp. Guatapé = 1hr, 12pp.

Cycle route to El Viaducto, do bungee jumping, hiking, horseback riding, visit a sugar cane factory (only on Fri). Read more here: Amagá.

How2getthere: downtown Medellín = 45min, 5pp. From the intl. airport to the south terminal = 45min, 10pp. Take a B from here to Amagá = 1hr, 5pp. 

Hostal La Finca - Culturas Unidas

Escape from the big city, relax & enjoy nice views! Perfect for chilling, biking, swimming in natural pools, hiking & visiting ecological & water parks nearby. Between Medellín & Santa Fé de Antioquia.

How2getthere: From Terminal del Norte in Medellín take a B to SJ, they leave approx. every 30min = 1hr, 7-13pp.
Here you can read a travel story about this destination "A home away from home – San Jeronimo Colombia".

A small lovely colonial town (@Unesco World Heritage site). Puente del Occidente is one of the 1st suspension bridges made of metal in the world.

How2getthere: Perfect to visit on a D trip from San Jerónimo = 30min, 4pp. B @Terminal del Norte = 1,5hr, 10pp.

Go paragliding, horseback riding, coffee tours, climbing & fantastic views. 

How2getthere: Take the metro to Estación Caribe (north terminal Medellin). Take the B @Portal 11 (Expresso del Mira) = 1hr, 2.8pp.

Enjoy spectacular waterfalls, natural pools & hikes. Cheap accommodation in town.

How2getthere: Medellin car = 4hrs (via Guatape). TIP: take a B from Medellin to Cisneros (= 2hrs) but get off in Santiago. Here you take a small train that goes through a tunnel, Tunel de la Quiebra, where you make a stop in Estación El Limón. = Awesome!

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