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Chocó, Pacific

Bahía Solano

This idyllic well-hidden strip in the Afro-Colombian Chocó region pulls you away from the hectic modern world & gives you a boost of pure jungle energy! The tropical forest, mangroves, marshes, coastal rocks & beautiful deserted beaches, accessible only by air or boat, make everything more adventurous & offer an extensive ecosystem. The unique flora & fauna and rich biodiversity will captivate you instantly! It has one of the finest surf spots in the country according to King surf bum Geoff & other surf rats. Enjoy untouched Robinson Crusoe realism or spot some humpback whales breaching between July & October!                         

*Surfing Playa Aljemal (airport-El Valle: T = 40min, 10-15pp).

*Waterfall @airport: walk 20min up-stream from the airport, free entrance.

*Huina: a beautiful remote beach. (Choibana)

*Playa Mecana: unique botanical garden = 45min from the airport.

*Waterfall el Tigre: hike from Playa Aljemal = 4hrs (1 way) to waterfall & natural pools. Tour boat = 20min, 50pp.

*Tour Rio Tundo: upriver on a canoe-jungle-beach trip = 40pp, 4-5hrs.

*Hike to Boro Boro: a 6hr real jungle adventure, 1hr down river. Tour = ±60pp.

*Visit PNN Utría: snorkeling, short walk & explanation of the mangroves, chilling @Playa Blanca (+restaurant). Boat from El Valle (daily) = 30min, 50-60pp + entrance park = 14pp Colombians/nationals + residents, 37.5pp foreigners, 7.5pp students + kids. Accommodation = ±160pp (incl. 3x meals). Try to find a guide to hike the trails IN the park!

Whale Watching - Surfing

Choibana & The Humpback Turtle

Flight from Medellín = 50min, ±330-400pp. El Valle-Nuquí Mon & Fri @12am = 1-2hrs, 70pp. Buenaventura = ±24hrs by boat (every Tue; return every Sat), from 100pp (incl. food & cabin). Plane: 10kg/pp, hand luggage 5kg.

-There is 1 ATM in Bahía Solano but it is frequently out of service.
-Rent boots in El Valle for 7/day. @Departure airport you need to pay tourist tax = 7pp.
-Would you like to do a tour or order decadent lobster? Ask the hostel owner for a trustworthy contact!