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Visit the most beautiful river in the world @PNN La Macarena. The river of 5 colors. Tours between June & the 1st week of December. You land in Macarena where you’ll find all the hotels & hostels. It’s best to find a guide at the information center in the airport (you cannot enter without a guide)! Guide = 100-130/D, when you are with 4 pers, then each 25-33pp/D (entrance incl). Read more here Mochileros Hostel.

How2getthere: From Villavicencio daily flights to Macarena = ±50min, 380-600pp (go & return). Enter the park: boat = 80/boat both ways (max 12pers). 4x4 Transport = 15pp.

TIP: On public holidays you can not enter without organized tour. Plan a min 3 D stay. Take a sun hat, waterproof shoes (because you walk often in the water), long sleeve shirt to protect from sun, bikini, mask & snorkel. Sunscreen isn't allowed (water pollution + damage to aquatic plants).

Read more on the destination page Villavicencio

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