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Chocó, Caribbean

Capurganá & Sapzurro

Capurganá, the land of chili in the language of the Cuna Indians who lived here until the early 20th century (now located on the San Blas Islands). Start your boat trip in Turbo & see the color of the sea changing bit by bit into a deeper blue color. The sea on 1 side & the green untouched jungle on the other side. Next-door, Sapzurro, which means Deep Bay, is smaller, cleaner, quieter & even more beautiful. Nature lovers can hike through the rainforest & enjoy waterfalls, lovely beaches, crystalline waters, toucans, sloths, titi monkeys & the unique flashy fluorescent colored (but poisonous) frogs. Enjoy this car free area & cross the border in your flip-flops.                  

*@Sapzurro: Playa Blanca-La Miel @Panama: perfectly for a sultry publicity spot, this white beach is ideal for chilling. Leave from Sapzurro on foot, take your passport with you. Uphill = 15min, downhill = 20min. Enjoy an excellent view over the bay. Hikes around: Cabo Tiburón (20min), Playa del Ica (5min from the center), the Diana Waterfall (10min, direction Capurganá). Hikes from: Capurganá (1,5hr), Playa Aguacate (2,5hrs). Fiesta Patronal = May 3.

*@Capurganá: visit the cute little funny house Casa de las Molas that consists solely of recycled material. Entrance: you pay what you like. Walking around: La Cascada to Heaven (1hr from Capurganá center) & La Coquerita (20min along the beach between Capurganà & Sapzurro. The feasts of the Cigua (snail) are on Oct 12 .

*In the area: Playa La Playona (17km /11mi beach) is in the municipality of Acandí. Canaá turtles lay their eggs between March & May. = 1hr by boat from Capurganá. Between Capurganà & Turbo you can find Bay Triganá, ideal for camping & hiking. The festival of La Jagua (ink for tattooing) @1st week of July.

*Activities such as diving, windsurfing, horseback riding, snorkeling, spear fishing & GREAT local food.

*Day trips or tours of up to 4 days to San Blas! Ask more information in your hostel!

*@Turbo: if you sleep here, there are many hotel options. Private rooms from 25pp/n.

*Here you can read a travel story The unknown side of the Caribbean Coast in Colombia about this region. 

Zingara & Sapzurro Paraíso Cangrejales

Turbo-Capurganá = ±2hrs, 55pp (be there @8am, luggage max 10kg, 500 pesos per extra kg). Capurganá-Sapzurro = 15min, 7pp. Cartagena-Montería = 6hrs, 40pp. Montería-Turbo = 5hrs, 35pp. Return Sapzurro 6:30am-Capurganá 7:30am-Turbo. Medellín-Turbo: B = 8hrs, 45-60pp. 

-Where the jungle meets the sea. Beaches called Heaven, Naked Beach & Pool of the Gods.
-No ATM! Get some cash in Turbo or Panamá.
-No 24hr electricity.
-When you take the boat in Turbo choose the chairs @the back of the boat.
-Ignore the people waiting @the pier offering you cheaper prices because you never know where you’re gonna end up!
-@Turbo: you can buy plastic bags to protect your backpack (1/bag).
-Bring: raincoat, mosquito repellent & flashlight.
-In La Miel you can shop duty free. For example you can buy a very good rum Flor de Caña for 8 USD/bottle.