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Mi Casa Guatape Hostel

A colorful, friendly, cute little typical paisa town in lush hills surrounded by a unique labyrinth lake. Visit & climb to the top of Piedra El Peñol, a 200m (656ft) high rock (12pp). Hike, zip line (Tue-Sun 10pp), go on a boat tour, try a Postre del Pueblo (facing the water then go R @the wave statue), play pool with the locals or just walk around the cobblestone streets. Read more here: Around Medellín

Medellín = 2hrs, 12pp. Intl. Airport Medellín-Guatape: T = ±1hr15, 90/tr or 20/2xB till Guatapé village or Piedra Peñol. Note: if you’d like to go directly to the entrance of the Piedra El Peñol, tell the driver you want to go to Piedra El Peñol & not to the village El Peñol -  they are 2 different things & 20min from each other. From here to Río Claro: grab a B on the street in Guatapé to Marinilla = ±1hr, 4pp (every 30min). From here take a B on the street to Río Claro = ±1hr45, 19pp.