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Chocó, Pacific


After arriving in Nuquí by plane & taking the boat for 1hr, you'll arrive at the deserted, sandy mocha-colored pristine beaches of Guachalito. For hours you can continue walking along this stretch of coastline with its exuberant green jungle right beside you. This invites you to explore its hidden secrets! The jungle coupled with the unique marine life are truly breathtaking. Surroundings that will lift you to a sublime state of satisfaction. A large part of the world’s biodiversity can be found @the Pacific coast with landscapes that vary like the rise & fall of the tide.   

Thermal springs
= ±12pp. Give your skin an additional healthy cure with the mud from the pool. Between Terco y Partado.

Ecological hikes to the crystal clear Waterfall of Love. Hike inland, 15min from the beach.

Tour Jovi river: walk to the Jovi community = 45min; spot different species during your canoe trip. Arrival @the tunnel & waterfall Chontadura Pichinde (total = 5hrs, 40pp).

Terco Waterfall: hike = 4hrs. The real jungle experience!

Whale watching season = Jul-Oct.

PNN Utría: fascinating different fauna & flora in the mangroves depending on the tide. Boat = 1,5-2hrs. You can visit the park from Nuqui or from Bahia Solano.

Surf: great beach break + spectacular point break Cabo Corriente for advanced.

Whale Watching - Surfing

From Medellín flight (Enrique Olaya Herrera airport) = 45min. From Bogotá flight: stopover in Quibdó. (10kg/pp, hand luggage 5kg/pp). Guachalito boat = 1hr, 25pp. Buenaventura boat = 22hrs, from 100pp (incl. food & cabin). El Valle Mon & Fri @6am = 1,5-2hrs, 60pp.

! When you’d like to travel to El Valle, call captain Sapi in advance (Cel: 311-337 28 39, Cel: 314-764 93 08). He will wait for you in Nuquí when your are coming from Guachalito.

-Arrival airport-tourist tax = 7pp.
-If you are allergic to fish, then contact your hostel in advance or take food from home.
-If you have gumboots, take them with you!
-Find more tips here The Pacific Side of Colombia.