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Magdalena, Caribbean

Paso del Mango (PdM)

Enjoy the natural peace & amazing scenery in this traditional village located high up in the Sierra Nevada. It fully merits its name because of the abundant mango trees. Discover indigenous ancient ruins, stones & paths (there used to be a Tayrona town about 100 years ago), spectacular mountain views, beautiful waterfalls & natural pools. This is an ideal place for relaxation, meditation & outdoor activities. It has a tropical climate, but because of its altitude and the forests & rivers nearby, it cools down at night.

Botanical garden
with numerous medicinal plants, animals & a butterfly farm (10pp).

Visit an organic cacao & chocolate processing farm (10pp) & support local business.

Play petanque (jeu de boules) or take a relaxing sauna in a steam hut next to the river @Carpe Diem Hostel.

Use signposts & detailed maps for hikes in the surrounding mountains, for eg. to/from Minca (4-6hrs). If you are lucky you’ll see a monkey; best with a guide. Divide the hike in 2 parts & have a stay-over in La Candelaria Coffee farm on the way.

Dive into the Pozo del Amor or the Pool of Love.

Cliff diving: jump from 5m (16ft) high into crystalline waters.

Carpe Diem Hostel

Santa Marta-Bonda (till police station/football field): B = 1hr, 1.4-1.5pp; T 8/tr. Here take a motoT = 20min, 8pp (off-road) up hill. Palomino-Bonda: B = 1,5hr, 8pp. Bonda-Minca: B = 30min, 7.5pp; 30/tr. Or walk from Bonda up to PdM = 1,5hr.

It’s perfect to stay here before/after travelling to TayronaPalomino or The Lost City. Tours: contact your hostel.