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La Guajira, Caribbean


This multicultural center in the La Guajira Department is located right on the Caribbean Sea. Find your most beautiful souvenirs at the city’s beach-boulevard (el malecon): colorful mochilas (bags), hammocks, & bracelets, all hand woven by Wayuu women. Try to see a Dividivi tree (its crown grows with the wind), considered a symbol of La Guajira. Learn more about the indigenous Wayuu culture; spot pink flamingos resting in the Los Flamencos Sanctuary or travel up to the most northern part of South America, Punta Gallinas (PG). Try a delicious Coctel de Camarones on the main street.

Dibulla beach: tour beach, lunch, transport, visit Kogi community = 140pp/t.

Mayapo beach: daytrip: beach, local restaurants & visit the Wayuu community. Car = 30min, 50/tr.

Santuario Los Flamencos: a big lake which is best accessed via the town of Camarones = 30min before entering Riohacha, coming from Palomino. B = 20min, 4pp. MotoT from the main road = 1pp. Visit the flamingos with local guides by artisanal canoe or boat = 10pp.

Did you know?

-> Do you know why Wayúu women paint their faces black? This is for protection against the sun (made of goat fat, mushroom juice & dust).

-> Wayuu women need ±2 months to finish a chinchorro = hammock. Each Wayuu ranchería is named after a plant, animal or place. Their language is Wayuunaiki. For eg. beer = sanatsü, soda = guarraPa, water = wüvin.

TIP: Uribia = indigenous capital of Colombia.

Happiness Hostel Riohacha

Santa Marta = 4hrs, 21pp. Uribia = 1,5-2hrs, 15pp. Maicao = 50min, 12-15pp. Boquita car = 5hrs, 400/tr.