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Valle del Cauca, Andean South

San Cipriano

If you are looking for a Chocó-adventure, travel to this town, which can’t really be visited by normal road, in the heart of the subtropical forest on the Pacific Coast. Jump off the bus in Córdoba & travel from here for 7km (4mi) on an old railroad track in a Brujita, a wooden cart to pulled by a motorcycle & the adventure begins. You pass through the steamy jungle, a blanket of pure green & pristine rivers. Can you feel the very laid back vibe of the afro culture? Depending on the traffic, this very creative & unique means of transportation will bring you to this 1-street pueblito in ±20min. With pure crystal waters, natural pools & 30m/98ft waterfalls this will be a truly unforgettable experience!

There are 6 wonderful lagoons (pozos, charcos): Balas Tiera (5min walk), Azul (5min walk), Del Diablo (10min walk), Charco Los Sabalos (30min walk), Obscuro (20min walk), Platina (45min easy walk) & Tortugas (20min walk) where you can go tubing = 5pp (get a tube in town), swimming, relaxing & splashing around.

Waterfalls: El Sendero Del Amor is the closest (10min walk), 10m (32ft) high. La Ventiadora is the most beautiful one (40min walk).

Accommodation from 10-15pp/n. There are lots of options so reservation is not necessary.

From Buenaventura (±1hr past Córdoba): boat to Juanchaco @dock = 55pp roundtrip. MotoT/T till Ladrilleros = 10min. Accommodation from 20pp/n. La Barra = 30min, there are huts, hammocks & camping.

Buga = 3hrs, 15pp. Cali = 2,5hrs, 18pp. Get off @the entrance to San Cipriano (drivers know). Then cross the suspension bridge & arrive @the beginning of the Brujitas. Depending on your negotiating skills you’ll pay ±5pp/1 way. Or get off the B in Córdoba, a little further in the direction of Buenaventura.

-Entrance fee = 1.5pp.
-There will be high humidity & rain.
-There is no ATM. It’s better to hike to the La Ventiadora waterfall in shoes as opposed to flip-flops.
-Try the large river prawns in coconut sauce = finger licking good & we're not talking about Kentucky Fried Chicken.