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Boyacá, Andean North-East


Visit the healing place of the Muisca culture in the town IZA & enjoy the hot springs. You can explore quaint colonial towns like Mongui. Go relax at the white sandy beach of Playa Blanca & take in the biggest lake in Colombia, Lake de Tota. Did you see the beautiful frailejón plants in the Páramo Ocetá park? In this region known as Sugamuxi, with its 1001 different options, you’ll never run out of things to do.

*Daytrip: 1)Nobsa handicrafts: B to Duitama @cra 14 # 16 or the terminal = 20min, 1.5-2pp. 2)Punta Larga, the highest altitude exotic vineyard in the world @2600m (8530ft). Try the world's finest tropical wine or take the wine tour -> 9am-8pm every day, FREE when you buy 1 bottle of wine (40-150/bottle). Km 7 road Duitama-Nobsa. @Nobsa B get off @Punta Larga = 15min, 1.5pp. From Sogamoso: T = 10min, 15/tr. 

*Lago de Tota: one of the most important places for the Muisca culture. Great for kayaking, sailing, swimming, diving, fishing, horseback riding & kitesurfing, etc (! good luck finding operators for this). B @Puente de Pesca to Lago de Tota = 40min, 5.5pp. To Playa Blanca: B to Aquitania, from here B to Playa Blanca. Extra = 15min, 2.5pp.

*Monguí: the most beautiful town in Boyacá. B to Duitama @cra 14 # 16 or terminal = 20-30min, 4pp.

*Páramo de Ocetá: a natural park with rock formations that look like old stone cities & the largest concentration of Frailejón plants in the world! Guide = 1-5pers = 50/group, 6-7 pers = 70/group (your food + cost transport of the guide excl). Tour: 6am-6pm.

*Salto de Candelas @Pajarito Boyacá: go thru 3 different natural eco-systems: Parámo, Bosque Andino & Selva Humeda Tropical. Take pleasure in 1 of Colombia’s tallest waterfalls (300m/984ft) with spectacular landscapes. Guide = 1-5pers = 50/group, 6-7 pers = 70/group. Tour: 6am-6pm. Transport & food not incl.

*Here you can read a travel story about this destination: Sugamuxi, the region who has it all - Colombia.

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Villa de Leyva = 2hrs, 18pp. Bogotá = (north) 3hrs, (central) 4hrs, 23pp. San Gil = 6hrs, 50pp. Suesca = 3,5hrs, 23pp. Tunja =  1,5hrs, 5.5pp.

Annual wine festival + wine queen competition (Dec-Jan) @Puntalarga-Nobsa.