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Boyacá, Andean North-East


Enjoy the hot springs in IZA, explore quaint colonial towns like Mongui or go relaxing at the white sandy beach of Playa Blanca & take in the biggest lake in Colombia, Lake de Tota. Did you see the beautiful frailejón plants in the Páramo Ocetá Park? In this region known as Sugamuxi, with its 1001 different options, you’ll never run out of things to do.

Lago de Tota: B @Puente de Pesca = 40min, ±5.5pp. To Playa Blanca: B to Aquitania, from here B to Playa Blanca. Extra = 15min, ±2.5pp.

Mongui: B to Duitama @cra 14 # 16 or terminal = 35min, ±4pp. Mongui is also listed as "Heritage Village" of Colombia. Look at this map with all the heritage villages of Colombia (2015).

Páramo de Ocetá: a natural park with rock formations that look like old stone cities.

Salto de Candelas: go thru 3 different natural ecosystems: Paramo, Andean Forest & Tropical Rainforest.

La Reserva Parque Natural - Pueblito Antiguo: attractions: the train station with a picturesque restaurant, the main gate & square where the colonial chapel is located, the rural school, barbershop, theater, bakery & even a flea market in a natural outdoor setting. All in a nostalgic style. Via a stone path & through native forests you reach Lake Tota’s "Playa Verde La Esmeralda".

Here you can read a travel story about this destination: Sugamuxi, the region who has it all - Colombia.

Villa de Leyva = 2hrs, 18pp. Bogotá = (north) 3hrs, (central) 4hrs, 25pp. San Gil = 6hrs, ±50pp. Suesca = 3,5hrs, 23pp. Tunja =  1,5hrs, 5.5pp.

@Salto de Candelas: take pleasure in one of Colombia’s tallest waterfalls with spectacular landscapes.