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Magdalena - Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - Caribbean

The Lost City

The Lost City is an archaeological site located high in the Sierra Nevada (1200m/3937ft), discovered in 1972 & belonging to the Tayrona indigenous people. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta was named a Human Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1986 & a national park by the Colombian Government in 1977. When the Spaniards arrived 500 years ago, the Kogi fled high into these coastal mountains. They believed the Sierra Nevada to be the Mother & The Heart of the World.

Believe us: ŸTake as little as possible! ŸTake 2 bikinis or bathing suits: 1 for hiking, 1 (dry) for sleeping. ŸPut your clothes in plastic bags to protect them from the rain. ŸMosquito repellent, Nopikex (you can find it at any pharmacy or supermarket). ŸSoap to wash your clothes which can reduce your luggage to only 2 t-shirts. ŸTraveling with friends, each with a camera? Use only 1 camera at a time until it’s battery is dead. ŸBring a headlamp + band-aids. ŸWater purification tablets are organized by the tour operator.

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