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El Cocuy

Here you can download the El Cocuy-How to get there-Map (click on this link and scroll to the bottom of this page; here you will find a pdf link with the map!!)

This stunning mountain range is located in the East cordillera of the Colombian Andes. Shaped by snowed & rocky peaks (21) with hanging glaciers & surrounded by crystal blue lakes, the PNN of Cocuy & Güican extends over 306.000Ha & is filled with biodiversity. One of the highest peaks is Ritacuba Blanco (5.330m/17.500ft) & certainly the largest glacier in Colombia. The most visited one is Pan de Azúcar (5100m/16700ft) along with its rocky friend the Púlpito del Diablo, an imposing sandstone tower with 80m/260ft walls. If you want to live a profound experience, then you can’t skip visiting Laguna Grande, a big lake surrounded by a 180° view of snow peaks & glaciers.

Activities like nature hikes, camping, rock & ice-climbing, cycling & cave exploration. The allowed trek areas in the park are Valle de Lagunillas - Púlpito del Diablo y Pan de Azúcar, Hacienda la Esperanza - Laguna Grande, Cabañas Kanwara - Ritak Uwa Blanco, a big area to have an adventure from 3 to 7D. The Eastern part is closed in order to preserve the native ecosystems.

Mineral hot springs of Güicán, lakes, snow-capped peaks & glaciers, rain & cloud forest, páramo vegetation & unique fauna. Enjoy the lovely, little & typical green-white colored town of El Cocuy.

Entrance = Colombians/Nationals + residents 26pp, foreigners 52pp, students + kids 12.5pp. Pay once & you can enter the park for several D. Accident/Rescue insurance =7/D. ! Save money by showing your international mountaineering card.

HIRE A GUIDE: Jaime Tinoco, a highly experienced mountaineer & rock climber (speaks uk), who organizes guided expeditions with all-incl services for solo or group travelers. Ask for tours from 3 to 7 D. Contact him in advance so he can help you with every detail needed for this wonderful experience. Buy an expedition in Cocuy mountains & get 25% off a rock climbing D tour @Suesca. Cel: 311-730 09 37,     

Take warm clothes, hat, quick drying clothes, sunglasses, raincoat, gloves, sunscreen, chapstick, good hiking shoes. Drink plenty of fluids; skip alcohol & cigarettes. Be careful when you take a picture close to the beautiful typical Frailejón plants because it is usually kind of swampy around where they grow - you might suddenly be in water up to your knees. Give yourself at least 3D min. to enjoy this dream! Horses are no longer allowed in the park.    

! Contact the tour operators on this website and/or offline guidebook to organize your trip!

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From Bogota B (@Salitre) = 10-12hrs, 45-50pp. @Town El Cocuy (@6:30am) or Güican (@5am) to PNN 1) milk truck = 15pp or 2) jeep = 80-100/tr. Car Bucaramanga-Capitanejo = 11hrs, 50-70pp. Capitanejo-El Cocuy = 3hrs, 15-25pp. Tunja-El Cocuy = 9-10hrs, 35-45pp. Güican-Cocuy B = 30min. When you come from San Gil, there are 2 roads you can take: Soatá or Capitanejo. Check the national police website in advance to see which road is recommended for travelling.