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Boyacá+Arauca+Casanare, Andean North-East

El Cocuy

Here you can download the El Cocuy-How to get there-Map (find the map on the bottem of the page, scroll!)

This Andean forest boasts 1 of the highest peaks Ritacuba Blanco (5.330m/17.486ft) & certainly the largest glacier in Colombia (the lowest snowline = @4.900m/16076ft high). There are numerous lakes & waterfalls. 30km/18mi long & with more than 19 peaks, this continuous mass of snow is the largest in northern South America. It is inhabited by the U'wa indigenous tribe.

Day hikes (5-7hrs/day) or 6-7 days trek (8hrs/day). You can start in El Cocuy or Güicán. To start day hikes it is better to leave from El Cocuy. Here you can take the milk truck (el lechero) up to the cabañas (leave @5-6am, 10pp). Private transport = 20-80/tr. Hike to a cabaña = 5-6hrs.

Activities like nature hikes, camping, rock & ice-climbing, cycling & cave exploration. Alto de la Cueva-Pulpito del Diablo route (8hrs), La Esperanza-Laguna Grande (8hrs), Cabañas Kanwara-Ritacubas Route (8hrs), Visitor center-Laguna de la Plaza Route (8-12hrs).

Mineral hot springs of Güicán. Lakes: Laguna Grande de la Sierra, La Plaza, La Isla, El Avellanal & Los Verdes. Snow-capped peaks & glaciers: Pulpito del Diablo, El Castillo, Pan de Azucar & Ritacubas. Rain & cloud forest & páramo vegetation. Unique fauna: andean condor, golden eagle, jaguar, ocelot, tapir moor, white-tailed deer, wooly monkey… Or enjoy the lovely & typical little town of El Cocuy which is painted green/white.

Park entrance in El Cocuy or Güicán = Colombians/Nationals + residents 14pp, foreigners 37.5pp, students + kids 7.5pp. Pay once & you can enter the park for several days.

Take warm clothes, hat, quick drying clothes, sunglasses, raincoat, gloves, sunscreen, chapstick & good hiking shoes. Drink plenty of fluids; skip alcohol & cigarettes. Be careful when you take a picture close to the beautiful typical Frailejón plants because it is usually kind of swampy around where they grow - you might suddenly be in water up to your knees. Give yourself at least 3 days min. to enjoy this dream!  

! Contact the tour operators on this website and/or offline guidebook to organize your trip!

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Bogotá = 12hrs, 45-60pp. Bucamaranga-Capitanejo = 11hrs, 50-70pp. Capitanejo-El Cocuy = 3hrs, 15-25pp. Tunja-El Cocuy = 9-10hrs, 35-45pp. When you come from San Gil, there are 2 roads you can take: Soatá or Capitanejo. Check the national police website in advance to see which road is recommended for travelling.