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De UNA Colombia Tours

DE UNA Colombia Tours is a local travel agency that operates throughout Colombia. All of Colombia doesn't mean all the destinations mentioned in this guide book, but really ALL OF COLOMBIA. They are specialized in 'off the beaten path', adventure & eco- & ethno-tourism to places you've never heard of. If you are looking for something different after having traveled extensively through Colombia, this company will still be able to surprise you.

Just to name some special destinations: get to know the jungle & indigenous communities in Amazonas & Vaupés & Raudal de Jirijirimo, Cerros de Mavecure & Raudal Alto, PNN Tuparro & wild life in Casanare, Raudal Araracuara & Río Caqueta, hidden beaches on the Pacific / Caribbean Coast & many other unknown treasures. DE UNA is also specialized in high-altitude mountains & they offer expeditions in the National Parks of Los Nevados and El Cocuy. Caño Cristales & other destinations in the Serranía de la Macarena can be booked starting from 1 million/pp. Very specialized guides in various languages (ES, UK, DE & NL) & always sustainable both concerning nature as well as the culture of indigenous people!

Special Notes
2015/2016: Caño Cristales from June till end of November! Ask for the special expeditions to the jungle of Vaupés for this year! Macizo Colombiano - 3 to 4 days horseback riding to the sources of the Magdalena & Cauca rivers! Special tip: Check out their travel café, read more at the page Bogota on this website under destinations.