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Beautiful nature 10 minutes away from Palomino

We saw something on facebook about a place called Rio Ancho. We got curious. After doing some research we learned that Rio Ancho is a different place to Riohacha. What we actually first thought it was. Riohacha is a city, 45 minutes past Rio Ancho; known as the last visited destination before starting a trip to the desert up north (Cabo de la Vela, Punta Gallinas). But both destinations are in the La Guaijra department. 

The calm beautiful Don Diego river

When we arrived in Rio Ancho, we were very friendly welcomed by Rafael and his young family in their new Riverside Hostel. The small, familial hostel is located a few steps away from the river Don Diego. Our favorite thing to do was getting up early in the morning and to wake up by plunging into the cold, clear, refreshing water and then chilling on a rock to enjoy the morning sun. A perfect way to start the day with. 

green green green
Although there is not much to do in the village of Rio Ancho itself, the river Don Diego and the surrounding area though, offer plenty of possibilities. There a nice nature hikes; you can do tubing; have pick-nicks on secret nature spots; enjoy bird watching; ... 

locals splashing around in the Don Diego river

We loved it very much, watching local kids splashing around and enjoying the real Colombian vibe without any tourists around. Anyone brave could jump from a high wall into the river.

jump from a high wall into the river Don Diego

We also went hiking, upriver towards the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains next door. 

Some Indians walking in town

The nature is beautiful beyond description.

Beautiful Rio Ancho surroundings

a mountain of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta on the background

Look how beautiful this is!

the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

If you walk long enough, you get to an Arhuaco village, but you can also take a moto taxi. Rafael can explain which direction to follow (who are Archuacos?).

a Arhuaco village nearby

Shadi in the Arhuaco village

Taking pictures in the nature

some cows eating grass

Niko walking to the Arhuaco village

We felt a very good vibe at Riverside Hostel and we will remember our stay as a very relaxing visit.

We would recommend this place when you are looking for beautiful nature, only 10 minutes from Palomino by car. 

Our private room in Riverhouse House

Camping spot in Riverside House

Adress Hostel: Riverside House Rio Ancho, cll 1 # 3 - 25, Rio Ancho-Guajira.
Prices at night = 30pp/n.

A local school in town

Written by Shadi & Niko - Colombia Fácil Researchers