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Taganga una 'ganga' - Colombia

This blog is about my trip to the beautiful fishing village of Taganga, surrounded by green hills, cacti and great sandy beaches. This little piece of Heaven on Earth oozes that special laidback atmosphere so typical of the Caribbean coast of northern Colombia.

From Santa Marta I took a taxi to Taganga... Whilst descending the mountain prior to my arrival at the village, I drank in the beautiful views over the shining sea with its striking colors contrasting with the surrounding green mountains... I was both intoxicated and excited at the same time by so much 'real maravillioso'... marvellous reality!

The super cool beach in Taganga

It was great to enjoy the beach-life, swinging in my hammock; this place was so full of the “holiday mood”. I talked to a few people on the beach and reserved a boat for the next day. The following morning together with a friend and a few other tourists we traveled in the boat to a beach called "Playa Cristal" which lies inside the limits of the Tayrona National Park. Within a little less than an hour we had arrived and wow ... I felt as if I was in paradise. A turquoise sea surrounded by beautiful mountains an amazing spot and yet not too many people on the beach! I felt totally blissed out and without a care in the world! After an afternoon of total chilling combined with a little snorkeling and a tasty bite for lunch, our boat picked us up again and we set off back to Taganga.

Taganga, view over the fishing village
Taganga is one of the cheapest places in the world in which to learn to dive....Diving here really is a great deal, ´una ganga´!, you can obtain at a super low cost your diving certificate. Course prices are very reasonable... “Open Water Course” 670.000 cop, an “Adv